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Rant and Rave: Mute Your TV Whenever Bob Costas Rears His Stupid Hair

Bob Costas, sports announcer for NBC, especially the 2010 Winter Olympics, is inarguably the worst person in America.

While his Wikipedia page may make him sound like a normal, successful sports announcer, I assure you that Bob Costas deserves every measure of loathing I have for him. The first, and most important reason: he unhesitatingly hops onto the most popular bandwagon of the moment. Instead of looking for an original angle for a story, Mr. Bandwagon either repeats what the majority of commentators are saying already or simply states the painfully obvious.

Second grievance: he thinks he is hilarious. Throughout a YouTube interview for TV Legends (not if I have anything to do with it), Costas makes stupid jokes and laughs alone. Even more jarring is the fact that he lists Batman AND Superman as his favorite characters. Only someone as fake as Bob Costas could be so oblivious to that inherent contradiction. Unforgivable.

If you have any doubts left as to Bob Costas’ all-out assault on anything you love, including puppies, freedom and your mother, consider Mr. Bandwagon’s appearance on Jay Leno’s last Ten@Ten. It might as well be a top ten list of reasons why Bob Costas is worse for humanity than Sarah Palin, global warming and hipsters combined. Please, stop your work for ending world hunger and help me prevent Bob Costas from destroying Earth.

Parting shot: Bob Costas has disturbing hair.

-Harry Huggins

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