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Going Green in the Kitchen

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s another way to go green. Of course we all want to help the planet, but it can be stressful to make the drastic changes often asked of us.

Luckily, some of the easiest go-green steps can be taken in the kitchen, and they require no fancy equipment at all. Most double as money saving tips too!

– Ease yourself into it: bring a reusable bag to the grocery store; many supermarkets sell them now, and they’re good for shopping other places as well.

– Put a lid on it! Boiling water is faster, and thus more energy efficient, if you put a lid on the pot. Also, make more than one portion at once. This saves energy since you won’t have to heat the pot again, and you have leftovers for lunch!

– Buy locally grown food whenever you can. This helps reduce the carbon emissions needed to transport them to New York.

– Order takeout infrequently. This creates a lot of unnecessary garbage. When you do order takeout, reuse the containers.

– Eat vegetarian one day each week. Livestock are the greatest threat to the climate: fuel is needed to grow their feed and transport it, to clear land for grazing and to transport the cows themselves. Cattle also emit harmful gases. (Fun tip: If every American ate one meat-free meal a week, it would be the equivalent of taking 8 million cars off the road!)

– Buy an aluminum water bottle that eliminates the need for disposable plastic ones.

For more tips on incorporating eco-friendly habits into your daily routine, check out the Features section of the Observer, on stands March 4th!

-Elissa Dauria

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