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The Mayor Wants You to Lose Weight

Over the past couple of years New York City has taken leaps towards healthy living, thanks to good old Bloomberg. Sure, his required calorie count posting hasn’t stopped many of us from devouring Big Macs and Frappachinos, but they now come with a supersized side of guilt.

The City’s health department is also watching our food intake for us, with guidelines that ban trans fats and limit salt intake.

And now, another attempt to take this city from flabby to rock-solid: the Active Design Guidelines recently put in place to encourage architects to design public spaces in ways conducive to physical activity.

We’re talking more bike racks, gyms and easy access to stairwells in buildings, and neighborhoods that encourage active transportation (gasp! He wants us to…walk?!)

In the words of the mayor himself: “Architecture and health issues may not seem like overlapping areas, but the design of buildings, plazas, and other outdoor spaces can make a real difference in the level of physical activity they allow and promote.”

Point taken.

We already grumble when the full elevators force us up the stairs and we reach our 5th floor class sweating and wheezing like we just ran a marathon.

Obviously a little extra exercise could do us all good. I can’t promise I’ll be riding my bike to work any time soon but if there’s a gym in the building, heck, I’ll use it.

-Brianna Steinhilber, Features Editor

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