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Mickey Mouse: A Fashion Frequency

Rihanna jumps on the Mickey Mouse fashion train.

Over the past two months I have seen many items in both Forever 21 and H&M that haven’t been there previously.

Why did they stand out, you might ask? Well, the articles of clothing had our childhood friend, good ol’ Mickey Mouse, plastered on the front.

Not only are these chain stores partnering up with the mouse, but various fashion blogs and online stores have been jumping on the bandwagon, proving that as of recently, the iconic Mickey mouse has gained credibility amongst the fashion world.

With the dawn of the 21st century, the fashion industry reached a longing for innovation.  While there were many modern fashion statements introduced, one can easily argue that the fashion world began to evolve into an accumulation of styles from prior decades.

Having said this, it is the styles that have remained “timeless” that have helped evolve the fashion industry into what it is today.  And there is no doubt that Mickey Mouse, a timeless figure in himself, has recently become a major contributor to this notion.

Whether his full body is used as the central image for an off-the-shoulder ladies shirt, or his well known ears as a piece of jewelry, Mickey Mouse has indeed become “trendy.”

Not only can you scoopy up his merchandise at chain stores, but thrift-store shoppers now consider clothes that have Mickey on them to be a rare find.

Like with all trends, there is bound to be debate. So what do you think, is Mickey the next big ticket item or should cartoons be left on the screen?

-Nicole Musa

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