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Great Eats: On Ninth Ave, a hidden gem.

Halabi Gazala, owner and chef at Gazala Place on ninth ave. (Photo Courtesy of Gazala Place)

Looking for an alternative to your typical Alan's sandwich lunch? Or perhaps you need an intimate place to catch up with good friends over great food this weekend.

Well, here's the answer to your search.

Cozy, off-the-radar restaurant Gazala Place offers authentic Israeli/Druze food
in Hell’s Kitchen. Chef and owner Halabi Gazala handcrafts the pita, specialty breads called burekas, and pies in the griddle with a rounded top, called a sagge, which sits in the front window.

Occasionally, Ms. Gazala pulls a sheet of fresh pies from the oven and brings them directly to your table. She often serves the food herself, creating a very intimate dining experience.

The Druze are a religious offshoot of Islam and live mainly in Syria, Lebanon,Israel, and Jordan. Many of the dishes are recognizable Middle Eastern standards like hummus, falafel, and tabbouleh, but the breads and pies, stuffed with homemade cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and drizzled with olive oil and spices, are the unique draw that has the place packed on weekends and featured in the dining section of the New York Times.

The main courses range from $10.95-$19.95, but an assortment of appetizers, salads, burekas and pies shared among the table is a good way to taste everything and can be more than enough for a meal. (The restaurant is B.Y.O.B).
-Elissa Dauria

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