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Spotlight! Alice Ding, CBA ’11

With a such a small campus as FCLC, it doesn’t come as a surprise that within the first month of a semester you recognize pretty much everyone who walks the halls. But the number of these people that we actually know is far less. That’s why here at The Observatory, we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to some of these familiar faces with not-so-familiar life stories.

“Multitasking Her Way to the Top”

Alice Ding, CBA '11, multi-tasking extraordinaire

Alice Ding, CBA ’11, is a full time student who has been working at not one, but two internships for the past two semesters. Last year, she served as a Marketing Intern for the Leading Hotels of the World and assisted the Finance department at Merrill Lynch. This semester, she is continuing her work at Merrill Lynch, but is also interning at a financial firm called Cohen and Steers. With her priorities all lined up, you may even question how she had time for this interview.

On the difficulties her schedule poses: It’s difficult balancing school and work. I’m constantly bombarded with information from three different places. At the same time, it’s hard to find the time to settle down and absorb all of it since my commute spans over three boroughs and involves the subway, the Metro-North Railroad, and driving my own car. I’m being challenged both mentally and physically.

On the perks of working at big finance firms: My boss at Merrill Lynch takes me to networking events and his client meetings on Wall Street. I don’t think I would have these opportunities anywhere else. I wasn’t interested in finance at first, but these internships increased my interest in the field, since I can actually see the real life applications.

Why everyone hangs up on her: Part of my duties include cold-calling potential clients to set up conferences with them in order to get them to invest with the company. Most of the prospects don’t have the time of day to deal with me. So, every time I’m on a call, I feel like I’m annoying the person. The fear of rejection is always there, but you always have to be quick on your feet. You never know what you’ll hear from people.

What she does when not at the office or in class: Sleep. I sleep any chance I get.

-Tiffany Yeung

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