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Spotlight! Julien Martinez, FCLC ’13

With a such a small campus as FCLC, it doesn’t come as a surprise that within the first month of a semester you recognize pretty much everyone who walks the halls. But the number of these people that we actually know is far less. That’s why here at The Observatory, we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to some of these familiar faces with not-so-familiar life stories.

“A Fordham Freshman Hoping For Political Change”

Freshman Julien Martinez just turned 18 this year, causing him to just miss out on voting for his idol, Barack Obama, in the last presidential election. However, he’s hoping to raise awareness on the issue of voting itself. His club, The College Democrats of Fordham University at Lincoln Center, set to launch in the fall, hopes to gets more people interested in the political spectrum and benefit the Fordham community.

On his club and its goals: The club that I am starting is the College Democrats of Fordham University at Lincoln Center. Our main goal is to get students involved in the political process through internships, jobs, and volunteer opportunities.

Motivation for getting it started: I wanted to join the College Democrats but realized that Lincoln Center did not have one. I wanted to make one for Lincoln Center because it is more convenient than having to travel at night to Rose Hill.

Most interesting experience: The President of the College Democrats of New York recently contacted me. Two weeks from now he is attending an event for his Congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney and wants me to attend as his guest. There I would meet many politicians and I’m very excited about the idea of it.

Is it a Necessity?: Yes. There are not many political clubs at Lincoln Center but there are many Political Science majors. It would help to benefit many of these students. I’m hoping to get these people involved and that they stay involved.

A full agenda: We have a great deal planned because of the elections in November. We are hoping to hold a political registration drive to get more people involved in the voting process. Also, we would like to get one of the people running for office to speak to the school. Most importantly we want to get our members involved by volunteering for campaigns.

-Randy Narine

Julien M artinez, FCLC '13, has his eye on the political future.

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