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What’s a Working Student to Do?

After months of dragging myself to class exhausted and not prepared, because working 55 hours a week tends to have those affects on people, I decided to Google “college students who work” to see what people in the cyberworld had to say about balancing the two.

I came across an interesting study commissioned by UPromise, which found that college students who work full-time are worse students than those who are lucky enough to mooch off of their parent (which makes sense…this isn’t rocket science).

But, it even goes as far as to say that students who work full-time are more likely to drop out of college. (Interestingly, the study found that working part time had beneficial effects in encouraging students to remain in school).

With these drastic findings betting against us, it would be nice to get a few suggestions on how to defy these statistics, since us working students won’ t be able to quit anytime soon…if we still want to eat, that is. As a remedy, the article recommends finding other ways to be financially stable throughout college, but failed to give specific suggestions.

Exactly what “other options” are they referring to. Winning the lotto? Hitting the jackpot at the casino? Marrying a CEO would be great. Of course, those all have about the same chance of happening, and those chances are slim to none.

So what’s a student who’s working hard and hardly sleeping to do?

Well this study sure doesn’t help us any. For now, caffeine and Sparknotes are our best bet.

-Stefanie Wheeler

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