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Blacklisted! Avoid being “those people” when dining out

After working at a restaurant for two years, I have discovered some recurring habits of highly annoying customers. Before heading out for food with your friends or significant other, review this list to ensure a dining experience that won’t leave you on the restaurant staff’s black list.

Don’t be a camper. If you look around and there are people crowded at the door and bar, shorten your lengthy conversation about international politics and refrain from ordering four cups of coffee.

It is not the hostess’ fault. The hostess seating you does not have the power to create new tables. Staring her down and pacing by the door will not speed up how fast the chicken is sautéed in the kitchen.

Read the menu. The wait staff does not have time to dissect your personal tastes and create a customized dish for you depending on “what you’re in the mood for.”

Keep quiet. Loud customers do not only annoy the restaurant staff, but they kill the entire mood for all diners trying to relax. Bring crayons for crying kids, and tell your loud relatives that this is a public restaurant, not their personal living room.

Be polite. Show some kindness to the wait staff and crack a smile at your busboy who has more than likely worked twice the number of hours you have that week.

Remain seated. If you’re put at a certain table, there is a reason. Whether it’s to maintain space for future reservations or to keep the wait staff’s sections in order, asking for your personal favorite spot will throw the whole system off.

-Faith Heaphy, Asst. Features Editor

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