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Spotlight! Greg Ellson, FCLC ’13

With a such a small campus as FCLC, it doesn’t come as a surprise that within the first month of a semester you recognize pretty much everyone who walks the halls. But the number of these people that we actually know is far less. That’s why here at The Observatory, we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to some of these familiar faces with not-so-familiar life stories.

Greg Ellson, FCLC '13, is a Hollywood hopeful.

“An Aspiring Actor”

Greg Ellson, a freshman at Fordham University and suitemate of yours truly, has wanted to be an actor since his freshman year of high school.  Throughout his freshman year here at Fordham, Greg has been a familiar face in the theatre department at Fordham, appearing in two productions already, and preparing for a third.

How it all started: I auditioned for my high school play in my freshman year.  It was a small play written by one of the seniors at my school.  I had never really acted before, but it just came natural to me.  Once I began performing in school plays I knew that acting was the only thing for me.

Broadway or Hollywood?: Hollywood.  Definitely Hollywood.  I love the theatre, but there is something special about acting in front of the camera.  I find the relationship between an actor and the camera fascinating.  Also, I look at my favorite actors out there today, and most of them aren’t doing Broadway.  Don’t get me wrong, I would kill for the chance to be a part of a Broadway show, but if I had to choose, Hollywood is definitely the way to go.

Upcoming play: I’m playing the lead in the upcoming play, “Poor Ellen Smith.”  It’s a small one-act play written by a fellow Fordham student, but it’s still a good opportunity for me.  It will run for three days starting Thursday, February 25th in the White Box Studio Theatre. I think it’s very good, and it has been so much fun putting it all together with my friends.

Plan B?: I’m not naïve, I know how difficult it is to make it in the acting business.  I’m taking writing classes, business classes, philosophy, etc, basically just keeping my options open if the acting falls through.  I don’t want to be one of those people who put all of their eggs in one basket and ends up living on the street.

-Michael O’Donnell

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