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Calling All GLEEKS!

As a hardcore Gleek, I’ve been missing my weekly dose of Sue Sylvester humor, slushy battles, mash-ups, and of course Puck. Unfortunately for the rest of the diehard Glee fans and I, Fox won’t be premiering new episodes until Tuesday, April 13th.  And yes that means another month of waiting before we know what is going on between Mr. Schuster and Emma, what Quinn will do with the baby, and what new tricks Sue Sylvester has up her sleeve.

Fortunately there is GOOD NEWS, all of our favorite Glee cast members and yes that includes Mr. Schuster, Mercedes and Kurt, are planning to perform right in front of our eyes.

According to CBSnews.com, as well as several other media outlets, the cast of Glee is scheduled to go on a four city, seven-concert tour called “Glee Live! In Concert.”

Luckily for us, that includes not one but two tour dates at Radio City Music Hall, conveniently located just minutes away from Fordham College at Lincoln Center.  The tour will start on May 18th and will also head to Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Chicago.

Tickets for the concerts go on sale March 13th through Ticketmaster.com and cost anywhere from $44.25 to $84.25.

So until May comes around and you can bop your head to a live version of the Glee cast’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, make sure to hit the repeat button on your IPod and start dreaming of the Glee-filled days to come.

-Beata Cherepakhina, Asst. Features Editor

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