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Spotlight! Robert Allen, Deputy Director at Quinn Library

With a such a small campus as FCLC, it doesn’t come as a surprise that within the first month of a semester you recognize pretty much everyone who walks the halls. But the number of these people that we actually know is far less. That’s why here at The Observatory we’ve taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to some of these familiar faces with not-so-familiar life stories.

Robert Allen has high hopes for the future of Quinn Library.

“Proven Life Among Quinn Library’s Dust and Silence”

Robert Allen, Deputy Director and Head of Circulation at Fordham’s Quinn Library, takes a moment to explain that there’s more to old Quinn than meets the eye. With 19 years of experience and a slew of degrees and interests, this Renaissance man is proof that the future of the Library is in good hands.

Why Library sciences? The position just sort of fell in my lap. After doing my undergrad at University of Michigan, double majoring in political science and philosophy, I took a break working in a campaign doing grass roots politics. I went back to school at 30 to get a graduate degree in dramatic literature from Harvard and was given a job at their library.

New York: After getting my degree at Harvard I moved to New York as a playwright. There wasn’t much money in that so a position opened up here at Fordham in the library and they were crazy enough to hire me.

Interaction with students: They keep me young. Despite the distorted images we get on TV about today’s youth, working in the library at Harvard and Fordham has kept me hopeful about the future.

Doodles surrounding his office: Ever since I can remember I doodled, my mother was interested in the arts and encouraged me from a young age. Whether it’s painting or sculpting, I like the idea of creating something. I see it as both a
learning experience and a challenge.

The future of the library: In Fordham’s future renovations there are plans to move Quinn into the current law library space. But we aren’t interested in a hand me down, lets not miss this opportunity to have a top notch, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere where students can come, learn, and discuss. The notion that a library is a place to be told “shhhhh” is circa 20 years ago. It should essentially be the hub of the campus and I’m excited to see it happen.

– Courtney Henry

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