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Trader Joe’s is Coming to the Upper West Side!

Photo Courtesy of The Westside Independent

If you’ve never been down to Union Square’s Trader Joe’s, the closest location to Fordham (for now), you’ve been missing out! The gourmet chain has the best cheeses, produce, and top-shelf quality items at bargain-basement prices.

They also have good quality wine, both red and white, for around $2.99!

A spokesperson for Trader Joe’s confirmed in the New York Times Diner’s Journal in November 2009 that the new store will open on the Upper West Side.

Don’t expect anything too soon, however – they submitted a proposal to the local community board to develop the building, but there’s still nothing about the new location (except a “Coming Soon!”) on their website.

The Westside Independent, a local online newspaper, reported on March 3, 2010 that the new Trader Joe’s will in fact open at 200 W 72nd St in late September/early October of this year.

Check this website for jobs if you’re looking for some part time work for next year: http://www.traderjoes.jobs

In the meantime, Fordham students will have to make the trek to Union Square (and brave the lines) for two buck Chuck Shiraz and specialties like carrot cake cookies.

-Ellissa Dauria

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