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Hi! I’m a Mac and I’m a Gamer!

Photo Courtesy of Kotaku.com

It was recently announced that the downloadable gaming service Steam will soon be available for Mac computers.

Steam allows people to download games from the internet to their computer for a fee (similar to what iTunes does with music.) The program was started by game developer Valve as a way to cut costs by selling their games directly to the consumer. Other publishers such as Lucasarts, Electronic Arts and Sega have games on steam. However, up to this point it was only available for Windows computers.

Steam has been able to keep PC gaming going strong despite the popularity of video game consoles such as the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Having Steam’s gaming catalogue should help boost the appeal of Macs since this has been the main advantage of Windows machines.

Steam won’t launch for Macs until April and it’s unclear how many games will come out at its launch. Currently, Steam has over 1,000 optios so even a fraction of the total will be impressive. Hit games like Half Life, Left 4 Dead and Counter Strike will be among some of the games available. It is also unknown how much the games will cost in comparison to their Windows counterparts. Mac games are generally more expensive, but that may not be applicable because everything will be downloaded digitally.

For more information you can check out the article here!

-PJ Williams, Online Editor

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