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Carbon Footprint: What We Put in Our Mouths

Movies like Food Inc. prove that knowing how your food gets on the table may make it a little (or a lot) less appetizing.

I remember in 8th grade, my friend and I built a model of a landfill for the Science Fair. We had such a good time building it and laughing at the fake garbage we placed in our landfill. The point of the project was to develop a way to prevent the waste from the landfill from seeping into our ground water, but at the time it just seemed fun to participate and build something for school. Now, as an adult, I am becoming more aware of the damage we are all doing to our Earth.

I recently came across a documentary called Food, Inc and after watching this film; I will never eat the same again. The point of the film is not to gross you out and have you running towards vegetarianism, but rather to open your eyes to where our food comes from and how it reaches our table.

I was naïve in thinking that the companies that control the food industry had our best interests at heart. This film shows how the food industry is just that – an industry with a  goal at hand. See below a few take-a-ways from the film on how we can change the food system with just a few simple steps:

-Stop drinking soda

-Meatless Mondays – go without meat one day a week

-Buy organic or sustainable food with little or no pesticides

-Make a point to read labels and know where your food comes from

-Eat at home instead of eating out

-Support the passage of laws requiring chain restaurants to post calorie information

I encourage everyone to just stop and think about what your actions mean in the long term. Making small changes in your eating habits can end up making a sustainable impact on the world.

-Alissa Peruzzini

For a more in-depth look at sustainable eating check out Editor-in-Chief Ashley Wennersherron’s article in the features section of the Observer, out April 1!

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