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Shop Away Your Carbon Footprint

Have some extra time today to help the environment?

You might make some knowing that you can kill two birds with one stone and pick up some super cute (and affordable!) additions to your Spring wardrobe at the same time.

That right, thanks to H&M’s new Garden Collection, which hits stores today, we now have access to a fully sustainable line of clothing, 80 pieces in all. The entire line is made out of sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester and tencel and recycled material like PET bottles and textile waste.

And did I mention they are adorable?! The entire collection is floral inspired, part hippie chick, part garden nymph, with a handful of rock and roll pieces thrown in, the line is flirty and feminine and the variety of color palates and cuts make it appealing to a range of styles. And the price tags are totally college-student friendly.

Have time between your classes to stop by for the line’s opening day? Take a stroll along the park to the H&M on 59th and Lex. (731 Lexington Ave) or take the 1 downtown to 34th street for a stop in the Herald Square location (1328 Broadway, at 34th St and 6th Ave).

*Want to read more about sustainable fashion? Check out the features section of The Observer on stands Thursday, April 1!

Dress, $39.95. Image courtesy of H&M.

Tank Top, $12.95, Skirt, $29.95. Image courtesy of H&M.

Dress, $17.95, Jacket $34.95. Image Courtesy of H&M.

-Brianna Steinhilber, Features Editor

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