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Students “Speak Up” with Father Grimes

Students raise their concerns regarding Fordham's efficiency at "Speak Up" with Father Grimes, held on March 24, 2010 in McMahon.

“There is no way to fix it”. “There is no one to talk to.” “I feel like I go around in circles.”

Such were the some of the emotional responses voiced by students to Father Grimes concerning the general lack of efficiency and clarity when dealing with Fordham’s financial aid office.

These concerns were expressed yesterday in the 14th lounge of McMahon at “Speak Up” with Father Grimes, hosted by Residential Life, which was organized to give students the opportunity to have an informal discussion with the Dean about frustrations they have with the school.

While financial aid was at the forefront of the conversation, other issues such as longer library hours, improvements to the language department, better facilities, pre-professional programs, and intramural sports were also discussed and students candidly shared problems and questions they had about Fordham.

Grimes provided answers, solutions, advice, and anecdotal stories as he connected with students. “I understand the difficulty with financial aid,” said Grimes. “[It] is one of the great mysteries of the western world.”

While concerns are valid, Grimes explained how Fordham, unlike other schools, does not have a large endowment fund.

“Most of the financial aid is not endowment. Fordham is incredibly generous and has a phenomenally high discount rate. The average student only pays 50%, at Georgetown [the discount rate] is around 5%.”

During the discussion, Grimes also urged students to understand what law school and the LSAT is before diving into it. “The whole school is hurt by a low LSAT score,” he said. “Don’t use law school as a default.”

-Faith Heaphy, Asst. Features Editor

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