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Carbon Footprint: Accidently Green

Living an economically savvy lifestyle may also make that carbon footprint a little smaller.

Personally, I do not consider myself “green.” I eat the most processed of foods, drink the most foreign of alcohol, and vote republican. I detest the overly-dramatic, fear-mongering documentary The Inconvenient Truth and I recoil at the anti-humankind preaching by environmental extremists like William McDonough.

Despite my rejection of the philosophy of environmentalism, I have found that by following a rational, economical lifestyle, I have nevertheless become relatively “green.”

I keep my energy bill as low as possible with energy-efficient fixtures and appliances because, after all, energy costs me money. I live within a mile of about a dozen forms of public transportation and I take the subway only when my destination is outside of walking distance. I recycle paper and bottles because it keeps my trash from filling up too quickly. I buy e-books, shop on iTunes, rent from Netflix, and pay all bills electronically because I value expediency and detest clutter.

I avoid dirtying dishes, I take quick showers, and I only buy items that are necessary to improve my standard of living.

All of these methods fall in line with my values of capitalism and rational self-interest; however, they also act in minimizing my personal carbon footprint. By reducing our impact on the global environment, we are also most likely reducing the impact on our wallets. Whether “green” means money or the environment, it is in everyone’s best interest to become aware of our impact.

-Chris Brown

For a more in-depth look at sustainable eating check out Editor-in-Chief Ashley Wennersherron’s article in the features section of the Observer, out April 1!

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