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Free Tours of the Brooklyn Brewery

On the sleepy side street of North 11th in hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn, sits the warehouse-like Brooklyn Brewery. They offer free tours on Saturdays and Sundays; you don’t have to be 21, but it’s a plus since the final stop is a bar with long communal tables. A kiosk at the entrance sells merchandise – like $4 pint glasses with the brewery logo, designed by the I Heart NY artist – and tokens for draughts. Each token costs $4, and you can get 6 for $20, which is great for sharing.

A bouncer-type hipster will check you in at the door and stamp your hand (with a thumbs up) if you’re 21. The tour is only one room, but it’s filled with infusing tanks, a keg filling station, and smells like baking bread.

On a Saturday afternoon, the beer hall is filled with happy locals (and a few tourists) enjoying specialty brews like the Cookie Jar Porter (a vanilla and raisin-infused beer) for less than it would cost in a regular bar. Plus, Beacon’s Closet, the great buy-and-sell vintage store, is right across the street. That’s what I call a perfect Saturday!

-Elissa Dauria

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