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A Cell Phone Can Save a Life

Have an old Blackberry or iPhone lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Instead of throwing it out, bring it to the Hopeline box in the indoor plaza – it may help to save someone’s life. From now until April 8th, The Commuter Student Association (CSA) is helping FCLC sponsor Verizon Wireless in the Hopeline cell phone drive, a program in which Verizon recycles old phones by giving them to support survivors of domestic violence. Since the program was initiated in 2001, Verizon has collected approximately 6.7 million phones.

According to Hopeline, approximately one in three American women reported being abused at some point in their life and over 21% of working adults admit to being a victim. By doing a simple task such as donating an old phone, you can help Verizon provide men and women who are victims of domestic violence have safe and secure contact with their family, friends and employers.

Sarah Molinari, FCLC ’11, participated in her first Hopeline drive when she was in high school, because she believes it is a simple way for people to make a big impact.

“We often don’t think of a cell phone as a tool that could save a life,” said Molinari, “but to women and men who are victims of domestic violence, a cell phone could enable them to reach out for help in a dangerous situation.”

A simple cell phone is a defense mechanism and Molinari hopes to collect as many as possible. So the next time you are on your way to class, bring your old phone with you and drop it in the Hopeline box – you may be helping to save a life.

-Cristina Romano

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