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Fordham Goes Red in Support of LDA Benefits

By Ashley Tedesco

Fordham College at Lincoln Center has a new school color today: red. The Fordham Equality movement is taking a stand on behalf of Legally Domiciled Adults within the Fordham community, who are currently left out of the Universities familial benefits. The organization has mobilized students through red flyers all over campus and Facebook event invitations.

In response to the movement, dozens of students have changed their Facebook profile picture to a rainbow flag with the words “All families should be part of the Fordham Family. Support LDA Benefits.”

Even more people have changed their Facebook status to “…is wearing red today to show support for the fight for LDA benefits at Fordham,” linking to Fordham Equality’s Facebook page. Perhaps the most noticeable part of the campaign among the student body is sheer number of members of the Fordham family who are actually wearing red to show their support. Dozens of students and faculty have been spotted wearing layers of red clothing in an effort to prove their choice of clothing was not accidental.

The purpose of the movement is to draw attention to the efforts of Fordham Equality to get equitable rights for Legally Domiciled Adults at Fordham. In an open letter to the members of the University community, Fordham Equality said, “Despite the overwhelming support for the resolution [for LDA benefits] at the University Senate, the actions of our ‘sister schools,’ and the existence of state and city laws recognizing domestic partnerships and protecting individuals against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, the University has consistently refused to implement this policy.

According to the letter, every other Jesuit school in the U.S. has adopted these policies. Read the rest of the letter here, sign the petition at the bottom of the letter and show your support to the rest of the Fordham community by adding red to your outfit today!

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