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April Fools Day Suggestions!

April Fool’s, my personal favorite holiday, is right around the corner. Being an experienced prank-artist, I decided that this year I would share the love. Here are a few tips for those looking to get someone good this April Fool’s Day!

Too Much is Just Enough

Warning! This technique is for experts only, for it requires planning ahead, collecting and gathering up objects, spending money and sacrificing your dignity. You can barricade someone in their room by stacking cans or bottles in front of their door so they will have to go bowling before they exit. When enough duct tape is purchased, it can become useful to tape everything to walls and ceilings. If you don’t want them to exit at all, you can saran wrap them inside. Actually, you can use saran wrap or tin foil to cover everything in their room. Aluminum foil is more aggressive because if you don’t remove it carefully, it damages the surface of whatever it touches. If you want to cause this same problem without the damage, wrap everything in plastic wrap or put individual items in baggies because this takes forever to clean up. If you want to really upset someone, you could find a replica of their favorite jeans or shirt, and buy a duplicate in a smaller size so they think they gained weight.

Ruining Routines

Familiar with your roommate’s daily schedule? If not, do some background research so you can ruin their day as they prepare for it: Setting the alarm clock at an unnecessary hour and hiding it, replacing the top portion of a stick of deodorant with cream cheese, replacing toothpaste (using the tubes for decorating cakes) with frosting, glue, or Orajel. The early bird, in this case, gets the worm.

Want more ideas on ways to pull the ultimate prank? Check out the Features section of the Observer, on stands tomorrow!

-Nadine Deninno

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