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Great Eats: Max Brenner

Recently, a few friends and I decided to have dinner at Max Brenner. And as cliché as this might sound, I would give this restaurant 2 thumbs up!

For some who may not know, Max Brenner (named for the owner, who is known as the bald man) is a cute and trendy restaurant located in Union Square . They have the most scrumptious chocolate desserts and drinks. I could rave about this place for days.

For dinner, I enjoyed my usual favorite, which is chicken pasta with a side of garlic bread.

For a beverage, I ordered a cookies and crème milkshake that tasted way better than any milkshake I have ever had at Coldstone or Baskin Robbins. The shake even came in an adorable cup that had “Drink Me” written vertically across it.

Then, for dessert we all ordered chocolate fondue. The fondue came with a vanilla ice cream bar and assorted nuts, whipped crème, and m&ms as dippers.

The only negative I can find about Max Brenner is the excruciating wait for a table. For a party of five, we had to wait a little over an hour to be seated because it was so packed.

However, I can truly say the wait was worth it! What made it even more worthwhile was the inexpensive price of their meals. Although their desserts can be a little pricey, they still have meals that can fit any college student’s budget. For a milkshake, plate of pasta, and fondue I spent only $25, and in my opinion, that was money well spent!

-Maritza Myrthil

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