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Beware of Malware!

By Celia Kim

Yep. There’s one of them seasonal bugs running again around this year – for your computer.

Keep that in mind when something like “Antivirus 2010” or “Windows Vista Security 2010” pops up on your screen (unless you have a Mac, in which case, you can run your virus/malware-immuness in your Windows-user friends’ faces).

Like most of the malware that hide behind the cover of being a harmless antivirus program, the malware programs above will show up as some sort of advertisement pretending to be an antivirus program. It’ll tell you that your computer is infected and ask you if you want to scan it using their program.


Really, it’s not that hard to avoid any of these if you just listen to good ol’ common sense. If it’s not yours, don’t use it. Don’t scan your computer with some sort of strange thing that pops up out of nowhere, unless it starts doing it automatically (which would be most unfortunate and infuriating).

In the event that your computer does get infected, you can easily get rid of it by using an anti-malware program (gosh, they’ve got anti-everything these days) like Malwarebytes.

More information can be found on Bleeping Computer, where they have step-by-step instructions on how to get malwarebytes and  get rid of the virus for the technologically-challenged.

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