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Spotlight! Joe Marvilli, FCLC ’10

With a such a small campus as FCLC, it doesn’t come as a surprise that within the first month of a semester you recognize pretty much everyone who walks the halls. But the number of these people that we actually know is far less. That’s why here at The Observatory, we have taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to some of these familiar faces with not-so-familiar life stories.

Joe Marvilli, FCLC '10, took a love for music and made it his profession.

“From Enthusiast to Expert”

Joe Marvilli, a senior at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, plays two roles on a daily basis: student by day and music critic by night.  Since the ripe age of ten, Joe knew he was starting to acquire a passion for music, but more importantly U2.  Some eleven years and hundreds of bands later, Joe is now a music journalist for the web-based music publication, Consequence of Sound.

Where the love of music began: I remember when U2’s album Achtung Baby came out.  I used to listen to it over and over.  I knew very early on that I’d be a huge music buff, rock music that is.  And sure enough, my passion for music has only grown greater and greater over the years.

Music and journalism, the perfect mix: I think infusing my love for journalism with my love for music yields the perfect mixture. Writing for Consequence Of Sound is my job, but it definitely doesn’t feel like work.  I love the music I review and I love the concerts I get to go to; I’d go even if I didn’t have to.

Journalism as a gateway: Because Consequence Of Sound mostly covers indie bands and low key artists, my taste in music has broadened significantly expanding my music library to include a lot of amazing new bands I never heard of before.

Pop-Culture sheds a negative light: I think shows like American Idol don’t serve enough justice to the music industry.  The show seems fixed by the producers and it is definitely very political. Sure there have been some talented people on the show, but there is no musical experimentation. That’s not what music is all about.

Consequence of Sound as a stepping stone: I’ve learned so much by working on the website.  It helped me realize that there are many careers to pursue in music journalism, even if it’s not for a physical publication.  This is definitely what I plan on doing professionally after college.

Catch Joe’s Reviews on www.consequenceofsound.com

-Stefanie Wheeler, Asst. Online Editor

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