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Haiti Relief Benefit

T-shirts, as wel as buttons, were sold at the Haiti Relief Benefit on April 7 to continue raising money for the ongoing relief effort in Haiti.

By Christina Frasca

Fordham students came together on April 7, in the Lowenstein Atrium to support Fordham’s ongoing Haiti Relief Effort. Fordham College at Lincoln Center’s (FCLC) United Student Government (USG) officially sponsored the event, with monetary contributions from Campus Activities Board (CAB). T-shirts were being sold for $8 and buttons for $2.  USG was also a raffling off, at $1 per ticket, the first season of Glee, as well as other enticing prizes.

According to Brandi D’Esposito, FCLC ’11, who helped coordinate the event, the benefit raised a total of $333.50.  Overall, as of April 7, Fordham University has raised a total of $43,897 for Haiti.

Food and drinks were provided at the event, but not the typical Sodexho appetizers.  Trays of plantains, chicken, rice and beans covered the tables in the Atrium for all who attended.

Ben Lebowitz was one of many performers that helped to make the event a success.

While enjoying the food, students were also entertained by performances by their fellow classmates, as well as a guest speaker.  The performers included: Nadia Hewitt (FCLC ’11) and Owen Gibbs (FCLC ’10), singing and playing guitar; Ben Lebowitz (FCLC ’11), singing and playing piano; Mike Fabano (FCLC ’10), playing guitar; and dancing by Urooj Rahman (FCLC ’11) and Rucha Desai (FCLC ’10).

The guest speaker for the evening, Nathalie Tejada, spoke on behalf of the organization, Funtosalud International, which is a Border Health Mission stationed at the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  The organization is partnering with Casa Atabex Ache from the Bronx, and the Haitian Coalition of Somerville from Massachusetts. Nathalie explained the mission of the organization, which is “to deliver a Sustainable Humanitarian and Volunteer Model that empowers the Haitian and Dominican peoples through solidarity.”   The group provides free medical care, education, and counseling to the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Nathalie hopes this organization will “help bring information to people who may not know what is going on in Haiti.”

  1. Angela Vaccaro
    April 9, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Well written article by Christina Frasca and kudos to Fordham University and its students for their valiant efforts in raising a substantial amount for Haiti’s relief.

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