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Lost in the City? Here’s your go-to guide!

By Nicole Musa

Ever feel overwhelmed by how confusing the NYC subway system is?  Whether you’re a New York City native, college student from somewhere distant, or the typical tourist, it’s impossible to memorize how to reach every location in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs.  Forget the letters, numbers, and colors and take advantage of one of the best travel planning websites on the internet.

HopStop.com allows you to choose your place of origin and destination anywhere in New York City, and with that information, maps out the most convenient way for you to travel based on personal preference.  For instance, there is an option for more or less transfers and more or less walking.  Not only will it tell you which subway trains to take, but it will give you a step by step routing for when you enter or exit the subway until you reach your destination.  You can also use it to map a travel route by utilizing NYC buses.  NYC isn’t the only location HotStop offers either.  In fact, it can be used for mass transit in 16 different cities to date!

This has come extremely handy being a frequent NYC commuter.  I use it on a daily basis and it has yet to let me down!

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