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College Council Meeting: New Minor Proposed and Accepted

By Michael O’Donnell

At the end of the most recent College Council meeting 9which took place Yesterday April 14), Father Grimes cracked a joke; in response to the three unanimous votes that passed with relative ease, he remarked, “The next resolution is to give a raise to the dean.”

It was that type of day in McMahon 109, as department heads met with Father Grimes to discuss upcoming changes in the curriculum, important announcements, and thoughts on the future. With the bright afternoon sun streaming through the windows, the atmosphere seemed light and easy-going inside McMahon 109, as three separate resolutions were all proposed and accepted.

The first and most prominent presentation by Brendan Cahill, the director of International Human Affairs, who proposed that Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) offer an International Human Affairs minor, allowing students to eventually travel abroad, and giving them a great entry into International Affairs.

Everyone liked the idea, although they did acknowledge how difficult it may be to pull off. The minor will be an inter-disciplinary endeavor, as students will be required to take classes in history, theology, ethics, and sociology in order to fill the five-part curriculum. The final part of the curriculum is called, “Foreign Service”, and will send students around the world to places like India and Latin America. There is no language requirement, as the workload would become too strenuous, but taking an appropriate language (Spanish if you plan on traveling to, say, Nicaragua) is recommended. In terms of finances, the Foreign Service, will be similar to the study abroad program. There is no tuition charge for the trip, but expenses will be the responsibility of the student.

Some of the faculty were nervous that many students could potentially be left out due to finances, and there was never really any sort of answer put forth to solve that problem. Regardless, the International Human Affairs minor is a wonderful opportunity, and a great way for Fordham to extend itself out into the world.

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