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Tune In: Florence + the Machine Sell Out Terminal 5

By Julia Krivonos

Florence + the Machine, who continue to tour 2009’s debut “Lungs”, played a sold out date at Terminal 5 on Friday, April 9th. Singer, and focus of everyone’s attention, Florence Welch, was backed by Robert Ackroyd on guitar, Chris Hayden on drums, Tom Monger on harp, and long-time musical companion Isabella Summers on keyboard.

The band opened with the heart-wrenching anthem “Howl”, Florence’s voice powerfully soaring over the heads of the audience, all the way to the back of the balconies. This was a cursor for the rest of the night’s performance – energetic and heartfelt. Welch’s voice is so resonant, it almost seems as if recording it is too containing; I found her live performance a far more thrilling experience than could ever be captured on audio. Not only did she more than deliver vocally, she was a vision, prancing around the flower-adorned stage in a tasselled dress and feathery cloak draped around her willowy frame.

The weakest song, at first, appeared to be “Hurricane Drunk”, as the instrumentals seemed to be too low, and the opening vocals were awkward. It grew, however, into a slightly experimental version of the tune, with Welch rearranging the dynamics and tempo towards a more soulful vibe.

The highlights were “You’ve Got The Love”, the first encore, “Drumming Song”, “Dog Days Are Over” and my personal favourites, “Cosmic Love” and “Blinding”, during which there was a very palpable energy in the venue, amongst the crowd, and of course, coming from Florence herself. “You’ve Got The Love” and “Dog Days Are Over” invited the whole crowd to sing along, with their arms in the air and dancing wildly – unusual for a New York crowd as far as I have experienced so far.

Before the latter, Welch asked the audience to demonstrate their jumps for her, and instructed us to continue jumping up and down for the duration of the song. “Drumming Song” was a mini-performance all on its own, with the fiery-haired singer beating fiercely on the skin of a drum, building up into an awing crescendo and dancing uncontrollably without once falling off the note.

Despite announcements of a sophomore recording session back in January, the band did not play any new songs, sticking exclusively to the material off “Lungs”. Hopefully Florence + the Machine will make a return to the city after their festival-filled summer to treat us to some follow-up tunes.

If you haven’t heard them yet, I highly suggest you take a listen here.

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