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Oodles of Noodles

By Beata Cherepakhina, Asst. Features Editor

Delicious noodles and mouth-watering Pad Thai drew in a hungry crowd of Fordham College of Lincoln Center (FCLC) students to the Student Lounge on April 15th.

The students gathered to enjoy a free lunch and experience the blending of cultures, as the Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) and Ciao Amici, the Italian Club, joined forces to host the Oodles of Noodles event.

“ This is the first time APAC has co-sponsored with Ciao and it was a great collaboration,” said Nancy Chen, FCLC’12, and Secretary of APAC. “ Both of our cultures have noodles in it, so we thought why not have a pasta/noodle fest.”

The event began at 12 o’clock. It was open to all FCLC students, anyone with an interest in delicious cultural food and having a good time with friends.

“This was a great environment to hang out with friends in,” said Nicolas Sulicki, FCLC ’11.

FCLC students took full advantage of the pasta available, as they piled their plates with traditional meals of both cultures and shared laughs around the round tables in the lounge.

“ It was awesome,” said Michelle Tam, FCLC ’13. “I got to chat with a lot of my friends and enjoy great food.”

Overall the event was a definite success as students left with smiles on their faces and stomachs filled with tasty pasta.

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