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Spotlight! Tracy Solomon, FCLC ’12

By Piyali Syam

With FCLC’s 2nd Annual Relay for Life event fast approaching on April 17, 2010,
you’ve probably been approached to start or join a Relay Team. And why not? It’s
a great way to become involved in the Fordham community and raise money for a
good cause at the same time. And cancer hits closer to home than you think. To
illuminate cancer’s personal impact on the Fordham community, I interviewed
FCLC’s top 3 fundraisers, next up: Tracy Solomon, $430.00. 

Tracy Solomon
Team Captain- The Yurinators
Year: Sophomore
Homestate: New York
Majors: History and Classical Languages
I've been doing relay since high school, but this year, I have a special reason
to relay. During last year's FCLC relay, my father was rediagnosed with
lymphatic cancer (he had undergone treatment in the late 90's and had been clear
ever since) and I missed the actual 2009 relay event to go and visit him in the
hospital. He passed away in October of last year and this year, I'm relaying in
his honor.   

 A lot of people want to know why I chose the name "Yurinators" for my team, so
in case you want to know, here's the story: during a vacation to Disney world in
1998 after my father had finished his chemotherapy, my family and I were riding
the ET ride at Universal Studios(I believe). The seats for the ride were
equipped with a touch pad for people on the ride to type in their names so that
the ride could address you as it told you the story of ET. My father's name was
Yoram, but he jokingly type in the name "Yurinator" to see if the little speaker
would recognize the name (and it did!). Another family sitting behind us heard
it call him "Yurinator" and asked if that were really his name, and my father
responded that it indeed was, convincing them that "Yurinator" was a popular
Israeli name. I named the team "Yurinators" as a tribute to his unique humor
that I will always miss.

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