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Seminar for the Education Track Program

Aspiring teachers among the FCLC student body met for a seminar by Dr. Diana Cabellero to learn about the 5-Year Integrated Teacher Education Track offered at Fordham.

By  Celia Kim

Prospective teachers in the Fordham community at Lincoln Center came together on April 15th for a seminar with Dr. Diana Caballero, one of the faculty members at the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University.

Students interested in Education came to learn and discuss the 5-Year Integrated Teacher Education Track that Fordham has to offer. “We don’t call it a program,” Dr. Caballero says at the meeting, “because it’s not just a program. It’s a track you’re guided on.”

The seminar, which began with an ice-breaker to introduce the attendees, covered the basic requirements of the education track, such as core requirements and the different “levels” of teaching (Childhood Education, Adolescence, etc.). Handouts were passed out for students to follow the information as it was discussed.

The track program offers Fordham students the opportunity to obtain a BA/BS in a liberal arts or science major and a Masters of Science in Teaching in five years, as well as receive a financial benefit as 12 graduate credits are taken on the undergraduate level that can be used for both graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Students on the track are required to register for seminar sessions that meet twice a semester to check up on their progress with an education track adviser. Students will also have the chance to meet and bond with others who are in the track program, especially during their fifth year when they begin student teaching.

“You become a community of learners together,” Dr. Caballero says. “It’s beautiful.”

For questions, or to learn more about the track program, contact Dr. Caballero at dcaballero@fordham.edu.

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