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Rant and Rave: Bristol Palin Thinks Teen Pregnancy Is Bad, Unless You’re Rich and Famous

By Karen Lo

“What if I didn’t come from a famous family?” posits Bristol Palin, in her new supposedly safe sex ad for the Candie’s Foundation.

“…What if I didn’t have all these opportunities? Believe me,” she says at last, “it wouldn’t be pretty.”

As she speaks, the young mother’s clothing changes from a tweed blouse and strings of pearls, with her hair and makeup done, to a simple white tee and jeans, hair sloppily tied in a ponytail, with her young baby staring at the discarded toy on the floor of their would-be one room apartment. She is the picture of exhaustion as the camera closes in on her grim expression.

“Pause before you play,” she offers sagely. That’s nice, Bristol. It’s good that you’re using your own experiences to offer warning to teenagers about understanding the importance of safe sex. Except, it now appears that we have very different ideas on what “safe” sex means. Based on your rhetorical questions, you’ve established that you indeed have:

1. a famous family
2. all their support
3. the ability to finish your education
and 4. all these opportunities.

The lesson you appear to be giving is that, since you have all these wonderful things, you didn’t need to use protection, because you have the protection of your wealth and environment. It wouldn’t have been pretty if you were not you, except that you are, and it is.

How can anyone believe that you would understand the real consequences of teen pregnancy, the kind without your enormous bubble of security? You suggest that young girls take a moment before having sex to make sure that they, like you, are famous, wealthy, and well-connected. If they are, welcome to the gravy train, where you don’t need to use protection because you don’t even know where to find it in the drugstore where the regular people go.

Kudos to you, by the way, for not even trying to suggest political prominence as the reason for your “fame.” But, for those girls who don’t have the privilege of belonging to your caste, Bristol wants you to pause and get… something, from… somewhere. She doesn’t mention what, because she doesn’t seem to know.

  1. Samantha A Ramirez
    April 21, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    I dont think you quit understood her ad if your going off with those type of accusations being that i too my self am a teen mother and yes i too have the blessing of being able to provide for my child, continue my education, and have my families support. Yet i am not at all FAMOUS i am an ordinary citizen and i did use protection but accidents happen and with that i know she isn’t trying to say that famous people shouldnt use protection. To add even with all the wonderful things i have i still struggle emotinally because being a parent let alone a teen parent is a uphill battle every minute of every hour of every day! And period adolescents need to be educated on safe sex even more abstinence no matter what type of background you come from!

  2. +
    February 15, 2011 at 7:02 am

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