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Rant And Rave: Hollywood Diet Cookies

By Karen Lo

There are very few times in my life when I can truthfully say that I did a double take at something I’ve seen. But a few days ago, I was waiting on line Walgreen’s when I saw a flashy box next to the trail mix
which read, “Hollywood Cookie Diet: eat a cookie, skip a meal.”

This is when the double take happened. “Lose weight with delicious meal replacement cookies,” read the box in smaller font. The woman behind me in line laughed as I leaned in to take a picture. “That’s something that shouldn’t exist,” she said.

Then I noticed that there was even another brand of cookies, with slightly less dramatic advertising, “For when Hunger Strikes, Chocolate Diet Cookies.”

I can’t even tell if these are for children or adults. On the one hand I distinctly remember that the opening skit of an episode of Seinfeld is Jerry telling his audience that “as an adult, if I want a cookie, I have a cookie. I have three or four cookies, or eleven cookies if I want. Many times I will intentionally ruin my appetite. Just ruin it.”

On the other, isn’t childhood obesity practically fueled by cookies? If Jerry’s claims on adult cookie consumption are true, that means adults as well as children could decide it is perfectly legitimate to forgo regular meal consumption, in favor of cookies, a la Hollywood.

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