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Rant and Rave: Greater Emphasis Should be Placed on Music

By Faith Heaphy. Asst. Features Editor

It’s pretty well known that Fordham College at Lincoln Center is considered an “artsy” campus. From our focus on dance, theater, and visual arts to our city fashion sense, we stand out as a cultured and diverse community. Due to our creative streak, you would only assume that we had a strong focus on music. I’m not talking about undercover, indie starter bands that emerge at Fordham talent shows and at “open mic night.” I mean classical orchestras with cellists and violinists and black-tie concerts. I’m talking about Schubert, Mendelssohn and Beethoven- geniuses of music.

Sadly, a classical music program appears to be low on the priority list for Fordham. Sure, we have a few private practice rooms, an orchestra at Rose Hill, and some music classes, however the development of a strong music concentration is nowhere near the level of commitment Fordham has placed on dance and theater.

While there might not be an overwhelming desire for a classical music program now, there are a number of interested musicians on campus that would greatly benefit from more music resources. Instead of trudging up to Rose Hill twice a week for rehearsals, they could practice with their Lincoln Center peers and attain inspiration from their Juilliard neighbors. We are literally next door to Avery Fisher Hall, home of the infamous New York Philharmonic. So why is it so challenging for Fordham to get on board and show the world that we are interested in all aspects of the arts?

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