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Senior Leaders Recognized at Senior Leadership Awards

Photo courtesy of Kelly Sosa.

by Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

The Class of 2010 was recognized last night at the Senior Leadership Awards Banquet, sponsored by the Offices of Residential Life, Student Leadership & Community Development, and the Dean of Students. A selection committee chaired by Keith Eldredge, FCLC Dean of Students, with both administrative and student representatives from throughout the Fordham community. Ryan Murphy, FCLC ’11, president of United Student Government, offered the welcome address and the Rev. Robert R. Grimes, S.J., dean of FCLC, said grace before dinner.

After nominees were recognized, the awards were given out. Below are the recipients:

The Community Service Award: Heather M. Armijo

The Journalism Awards: Kathryn R. Feeney and Ashley J. WennersHerron

The Senior Leadership Awards: Meghan R. Carpentier, Kathleen D. Corum, Timothy E. Jalbert and Kelly M. Sosa

The Alumni Award: David R. de la Fuente

The Casey A. Feldman Memorial Scholarship was presented to The Observer Editor-in-Chief Ashley J. WennersHerron and former layout editor Brooke A. Burdge by the Rev. Michael Tueth, S.J.

Closing remarks were offered by Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., before the class of 2010 departed into the last few days of classes before finals and graduation. Congratulations to all the recipients and nominees on behalf of The Observatory!

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