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Have Fun at Spring Weekend, but Not Too Much Fun

Photo courtesy of The Paper.

Spring Weekend is hours away, and Chris Rodgers, dean of students at Fordham College at Rose Hill, sent out an email just the other day warning students to have fun, but not too much fun. “I am writing today in advance of what I hope will be a safe, responsible and enjoyable weekend here at our University,” the email read. After thanking the various campus groups who have helped to plan this lovely weekend, the warnings came. “I write to make sure all who will celebrate with us this weekend are clear on our community’s standards. They differ in no way from the Code of Conduct all members of our community uphold during the course of the year.”

Here’s a bulleted list of what to do–or rather, what not to do–if you want to stay on Fordham’s good side in the week before the semester winds down:

  • Don’t drink if you’re underage.
  • Don’t drink in public.
  • Don’t drink at Spring Weekend events.
  • Don’t be drunk at Spring Weekend events.
  • Don’t bring bags, ’cause they’re probably gonna be searched.
  • Don’t bring lawn furniture on Martyr’s or Eddie’s.
  • Don’t have loud parties, or you’ll be busted by Res Life and the NYPD. Nobody wants that.

All in all, it’s sure to be a fantastic weekend at Rose Hill. Wear your sunblock and bring your beach towels, and shed the parka that’s been keeping you warm all week–the forecast is 89 and sunny for tomorrow! Forget about spring–hello, summer!

–Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

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