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Spring Weekend: A Summer Day with Music

Photo courtesy of Ireland Carter.

by Harry Huggins, opinions editor

The end-of-year events at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus continued yesterday with the sounds of music pouring through the gates of Martyr’s Lawn. With the sun shining its hottest of the year so far, the gates opened at 12:30 to reveal performances by student bands Penrose and Lincoln Center’s own Average Girl. MGMT headlined the event.

The music took a backseat to the weather for most of the day, with people lazing on the grass throughout Average Girl and Penrose’s sets and only a few dozen fans dancing along. Most of the cheering for Average Girl came from a group of hecklers reacting to the lead drummer’s banter. During the sets, students tossed footballs back and forth and soaked in the sun, relaxing as much as possible before finals.

Aside from the stage, there were many distractions for those less interested in the music, as most students seemed. Coca-cola provided a giant inflatable igloo that gave students the opportunity to take pictures with Coke emblems like the famous polar bear and provided the safest opportunity of the day to get a free T-shirt. Food tables set up behind the audience area offered typical summer foods like hamburgers and hotdogs, and there were stations set up closer to the audience with water, lemonade and ice tea, a much needed station to quench the thirst prompted by the hot weather.

As sideshows, the Campus Activities Board hired an ice cream truck, a photo booth and a giant tent with a dance floor, but the main energy of the day centered in the first 30 yards of the pit. This was where the event staff tossed “I ❤ SW” T-shirts into the audience, causing a swarm of students to the front of the lawn and charging up the energy for MGMT. Although the crowd was obviously excited for MGMT, the main focus of the concert seemed to be the audience. There was no moment without a crowd-surfer or someone getting up on their neighbor’s shoulders, except for during the three songs that the audience seemed truly excited to hear.

MGMT contrasted with the audience, delivering a mix of music from their newest album, “Congratulations,” with a robotic professionalism. The most obvious instance of this was when they closed with their most popular song, “Kids,” which, instead of performing, MGMT played a recording of and just sang over, while the audience provided the real performance, going wild for the song they loved and the sun they missed.

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