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Shout-Down: FedEx’s Denial of Wrongdoing

Image courtesy of FailBlog.

by Mike Mineo

From public transportation to its extremely walkable layout, New York City epitomizes efficiency. Those that work or live here rely on services that strive to be the most efficient in the world, even if rising subway costs and already-hefty taxi fares make these services stressful for students and their parents alike. It can take money and quite a bit of time to get from point A to point B, leaving those making a living or studying hard in a hassling situation. For this reason mainly, it is difficult to manage the arrival of packages when ones lives in the city, especially when they are forced to rely on FedEx. Like many in the city, I am outside of my apartment from around 10AM to 5PM, which are understandably the hours for FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc to deliver their packages. Their time-frame is not what I take issue with though; it is how FedEx deals with packages when the recipient is not home.

I was not home for a package I ordered last week, so FedEx decided to give it to a stranger on the street. Despite my name being on the package, it was given to someone named ‘RSANCHEZ’ who signed for and proceeded to take the package. Upon calling FedEx just an hour later, the driver apparently had not remembered getting a signature despite the fact I had a digital copy of the signature via FedEx’s web site. The company proceeded to stall me for over a week before calling me to say this: “We can’t remember what happened, so it is the shipper’s fault.” They told me to contact the shipper and that he would re-send the package free of charge. I contacted the shipper and, while he reimbursed me out of his own pocket despite not making any mistakes, it bugs me that a company like FedEx refuses to take blame for their own employee’s incompetence, in addition to imposing decisions upon other companies, such as this shipper’s company, regarding their compensation policies when they did nothing wrong. FedEx should fix their own policies before demanding action from other companies, especially when that specific action is a consequence of FedEx’s own mistake.

FedEx has consistently been ranked as one of the best places to work in the US, so their employees should be held to a significantly higher standard if it is such a sought-after job. At the very least, admitting your own company’s misjudgment when they make an error would have been nice.

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