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Who? What? Wear? No, This is Not a Typo – Fashion on a College Budget

by Beata Cherepakhina, features co-editor

How many times have you seen your favorite celeb look absolutely stunning in a gorgeous pair of heels or ultra sexy leggings and craved to own that look? Most of the time it’s nothing but a far-fetched dream, way beyond any college student’s budget, but now it can be a reality. All thanks to a Web site called whowhatwear.com. This site is, without a doubt, a girl’s new best friend.

Whowhatwear.com is your source for all things fashion. Just click the “Shop the Closet” tab, designated by a picture of a hanger, and let the site do all the work for you. Check out the hottest tops, cutest skirts, or newest beauty products with a click of a button. Or, if you’re like most college students and living on a budget, check out the “Under 100” option. Not only will you get a picture of the item, but you’ll also get an expert opinion on why this product is so in. If you’re intrigued, click the link to be taken to a retailer who sells the looks for low prices. So you can forget about spending hours searching for the best deal on that pair of jeans you’ve always wanted, because whowhatwear.com has done the work for you. Yep, it’s that easy!

Whowhatwear.com isn’t just a great way to find fashionable clothes at great prices, either; it’s also the way to stay in-the-know about the hottest trends. Want to make an army jacket look good? Check out the “How They Wear” section and you’ll get instructions on how to make the look work for you.  Want to be ahead of the game and own the newest trend before it goes mainstream? Check out the “Trend Report” section.

So forget flipping through magazines and those hours of Internet searches, because all your inner fashionista will ever need from now on is whowhatwear.com.

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