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Students for Solidarity Screen “De Nadie,” Host Discussion

By Mike Mineo

Fordham students were treated last night to a screening of “De Nadie“, the acclaimed documentary from director Tin Dirdamal. Hosted by Students for Solidarity, the documentary chronicled several Central American migrants that are attempting to immigrate to the United States. It covered, in an eventful 80 minutes, the struggles these individuals encounter as a consequence of their search for liberty. Students for Solidarity clearly saw the issue as one that was being overlooked, at least in comparison to more heavily reported issues like Mexican immigration. Dirdamal exhibited a knack for documentation by expertly presenting different experiences of migrants before unifying them with thematic precision, that being of privileged liberty and the hardships involved for many people to simply acquire this basic human right.

In “De Nadie”, Dirdamal stressed deep concern for Central American immigrants in Mexico primarily due to his personal experiences of the social injustices and wrongful deaths that occur within this niche. These migrants are forced to cross Mexico in their journey to the United States, and along this journey Dirdamal chronicled many instances of human compassion as people unify to work toward a common goal: liberty. “De Nadie” highlighted this journey in its entirety with some very striking anecdotes, imagery, and traditional Mexican music. Students of Solidarity served Mexican food to those that attended the screening. It was followed by a brief discussion that gauged the reactions to the film and the experiences it documented. Bearing the mark of a good documentary, “De Nadie” is ideal for discussion since it exposes many issues that are unknown to the general public.

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