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Empty Pockets? Blame That Extra Spending on Finals!

By Ireland Carter

As if there aren’t a million reasons why finals are tough, here is another one to add to the list: extra spending.

I realized that my spending throughout the semester usually stays pretty constant, but once finals roll around, the money in bank account runs out faster than you can say, “I wish I had just stuck to the syllabus.” I usually realize pattern after it’s too late in the game and my pockets are already empty. This time, I’m taking action and looking at what I can do to save myself and maybe other Fordham students who can relate.

First off, no more vending machines. Yes, it may seem like a good idea when you can scrape enough change out of your bag for that cold drink, but over time it adds up. Why not just bring a water bottle and use the water fountain? It gets the job done and is more cost effective.

Secondly, no more school supply shopping. Usually I find myself at CVS saying that I need new supplies to get me through finals. One thing to remember is that I’ve been getting along just fine all semester without needing those color coded notecards and those gel cushioned pens. The truth is, a fancy pen is still just a pen and those color coded notecards are unnecessary when you can make your own notecards out of plain paper.

Lastly, cut the ordering out, even though Europan sounds great when it can be delivered at 4AM. Find yourself an apple to keep your energy up and keep your wallet closed.

It may seem like these choices are little, but trust me, your future self will thank you when you have money to order a delicious smoothie from the cabana this summer.

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