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Herd at Fordham: A Collection

Overheard by Randy Narine

1. “Like, aren’t kids born with the inherent ability to swim?”

2. “If I was this much Asian I’d be so much smarter. If I was sober I’d never say that.”

3. “I called my girlfriend in the middle of the night at like 6 a.m.”

4. “Guys, I just had an epiphany. I just realized ‘nail polish’ and ‘Polish’ are spelled the same but you say them different!”

5. “Dude my sister is an idiot. My mom asked her to put some ribs in the oven at 4:30 so they’d be ready when she gets home. Sure enough, she gets home at 5:45 and the ribs are in the oven. BUT ITS NOT ON.”

6. Girl talking about teacher: “Stop telling me to get off my phone. I have things to do.”

7. “Do you think there are any grocery stores in the Bronx?”

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