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Words of the Wise: Seniors Reflect on Their Time at Fordham

By Ireland Carter

As I begin preparing for finals, I’ve started thinking about how I have spent the last two years as a Fordham student. As an rising junior, I am beginning to realize that there are already a few things I wish I had done differently and a few things that I would give myself a pat on the back for. Before I finish the second half of college though, I decided to ask soon-to-be Fordham College at Lincoln Center graduates what advice they have for those who still have a year or more to go.

“Get involved with something on campus because it makes your time at Fordham more worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to try something new or challenging–you are here to learn. Who knows, you may find out you had a talent you didn’t know existed.” –Katy Corum

“The biggest piece of advice would be to get involved with the things you love.  This goes for clubs and extracurricular activities as well as academics.  If you love what you’re doing, then you’ll get more out of it.  Also, don’t stress out too much about the future since you never know what the future holds in store for you.”–Peter Muller

“First, study what you love: don’t study something that could benefit you financially. If you hate it, don’t study Economics because you want to become a high paid professional. Study what makes you happy. Second, don’t hold back: be yourself and just have fun. Don’t try to act a certain way just to impress people. Finally, get out there and get involved. You get out of your college experience what you put into it, so if you don’t try to have fun or if you don’t get involved on campus or in the residence hall, you’re not going to have the best experience possible in the long run.” –Patrick Comey

“Reflect on what is important to you. What is it that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? What activity, subject, theme, energizes you? Is it an academic field? Is it social justice? Is it the arts? Is it having good conversations? Ask this often. Wrestle with it. When you discover what you’re passionate about, you can live your college experience with a sense of purpose, and you will find ways to apply everything that you’re doing towards pursuing your passion. You’ll become more mindful of how you’re growing and learning, and when you’re stagnant in your personal growth. More importantly, knowing what you’re passionate about helps you thrive during the ebb and flow of life. When you’ve already discovered what’s important to you, you’ll find it much easier to deal with adversity, with bad days and other challenges.” –David de la Fuente

That’s what they had to say, now how will you make the most of the time you have left at Fordham?

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