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In Defense of McMahon Hall’s Sky-High Prices

Image courtesy of fordham.edu.

By Ireland Carter

According to campusgrotto.com, Fordham College at Lincoln Center has the sixth most expensive room and board in the country for the 2009-2010 academic year. WHAT? Sure, we residents know that we are paying two arms and a leg to live here, but many would be just as surprised as I was to hear where McMahon Hall stands on the list of most expensive room and board costs.

Obviously, just being in New York City is a huge factor. After all, first place went to The New School ($15,990) and second place went to Cooper Union ($15,275). New York City is notorious for its expensive housing and it’s no wonder that our area on the Upper West Side adds to the high cost of living. How many other college students can say that their neighborhood consists of places like the Time Warner building, the Hudson River, and the Metropolitan Opera House? With views like these, it’s no wonder we may be sacrificing the other small things in life.

And the perks don’t stop there. You know that stand holding newspapers on the second floor—it’s The New York Times! You can’t beat that. Oh and the laundry services here? Most students have to deal with the hassle of counting quarters before they do their laundry. We on the other hand, have the luxury of only having to supply the detergent.

Another reason that living in McMahon pretty much rocks my socks is because of the weather factor. Coming from Southern California, I was not used to the extreme weather. I always wondered how I would manage to get out of bed and to class if it was snowing. Even raining, for that matter. All my troubles were eased when I realized I didn’t even have to step outside to get from my bed to Lowenstein. No umbrellas, parkas or snow boots needed. And don’t forget about the convenience of being able to walk to the cafeteria on Saturday mornings in pajamas and slippers, knowing you don’t  have to worry about braving the outside world before you get your morning cup of coffee.

Frankly, paying as much as we do is definitely worth it. Forget the typical double bedroom with a communal bathroom down the hall—we have our own suites! In my opinion it doesn’t get much better. So complain away if you must, but try to find another apartment on the Upper West Side with proximity to the subway, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living room, full kitchen, free laundry, social lounges, working (okay, most of the time) elevators, and 24-hour security for the prices we’re paying here. Not to mention I can guarantee you’ll never find another place where you can wear your slippers from bed to class and never scuff them on the cold concrete of New York City!

  1. Juliet
    May 11, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Ireland, this is great! I agree that McMahon Hall is worth the cost. Not only that, but the facilities workers here are very efficient and timely. No waiting a month for a super to call someone to fix a broken toilet.

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