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How to Win the Book Buy-Back Fight

Image courtesy of payless4textbooks.com.

By Ireland Carter

It’s finals week, and the campus bookstore has all kinds of ads up to encourage students to sell back their books as soon as possible. In past semesters, I have usually kept many of my textbooks, but this year I decided to take advantage. I had heard that the campus bookstore is known to cheat students quite a bit, but the sell back location is obviously convenient and getting that extra cash in hand right away was incredibly appealing.

I went into the bookstore, armed with all of the textbooks I was selling back. I had paid $180 at the beginning of the semester for these books, so I figured I would get a decent amount of money when selling them back. I watched the cashier ring up the books one by one and then tell me the amount I could sell them for. Each number that came out of her mouth was another wound to my broke heart. At the end, she handed me the lump sum I was so looking forward to spending. I held out my hand expecting more—but apparently the $13.84 was all I was going to get. I had lost the battle.

So, for all the students out there who are looking to get a better deal than I did, here is a list of alternatives to the campus bookstore. You may just end up walking away with more than you thought you could, as these Web sites offer greater buyback prices. Sure, it may seem like a hassle to ship your books and wait for the money, but it will be worth it when you’re keeping cool with $5 blended drinks this summer.


This website does more then just let students rent textbooks every semester. They also buy students old textbooks. They offer free shipping and are known to buyback at 100% of the sales price. Care about the environment? A tree is planted every time you sell a book!


You’ve no doubt heard of this website before. Once again, they come through and buy back at  almost full price.


This website was rated the highest by CampusGrotto and is known for offering the best buyback deals. Students can’t go wrong with the tried and true!


Want a chance at winning an Apple iPad? Sell your books back at this website and be entered into a sweepstakes to win one. They have great buyback deals and even sell books at about half their original price. Win.

Let my $13.84 be a lesson to you. With all of this information, get out there and win the buyback fight!

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