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Shoutout! Sporcle.com

Image courtesy of Sporcle.

By Celia Kim

Finals are winding to a close, but there’s still plenty to procrastinate about. Need to take a break but don’t wanna feel guilty about spending your time unproductively? Give Sporcle a shot; you’ll be surprised at how addicting these games are.

Founded in early 2007, the website began to grow after the success of its first quiz, naming the US Presidents. The quiz was created by fans of Jeopardy! and other trivia games to make their own intellectually challenging and fun game for others to try. Since then, Sporcle has been creating quizzes that cover a wide range of topics for entertainment, memory, and… procrastination!

The quizzes are free and anyone can take them. Only registered users are allows to create quizzes, and registration is simple: you just need a working email address. There are hundreds of quizzes from educational ones like history and literature, to entertainment quizzes that cover film and TV show trivia. There’s a Calvin and Hobbes quiz, and other fun quizzes you can find.

So if you’re struck with boredom, or just need a diversion (and learn something that might actually help you on that history final!), head over to Sporcle and see how much you really know.

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