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Res Life Enforces Stricter Guest Policy

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

Photo by Ashley Tedesco

All FCLC resident students tend to share in the woes of the guest pass policy. Unfortunately, those woes are about to change–for the worse. Last week, Residential Life circulated a mass email regarding the visitation policy, and signs have popped up all over the halls of McMahon, like the one pictured above. Below is a copy of the letter, explaining a stricter enforcement of the visitation policy:

Attention Residents:

Please be advised of the following McMahon Hall Guest Visitation Policy:

Overnight guest passes must be requested in the RA on Duty office between the hours of 6 pm and 11 pm at least 24 hours in advance of guest arrival.

Residents wishing to host a guest for more than 2 nights must fill out an extended guest pass form in the Office of Residential Life, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm. Please be reminded that extended guest pass forms must be submitted one week in advance.

This policy will be discussed in detail at your first floor meeting.

The Office of Residential Life

Res Life is maintaining that the policy is not a new one, but rather one that had not been properly enforced in years past. Jenifer Campbell, director of residential life at FCLC, said, “The guest pass policy has not been amended as it relates to the 24 hour in advance notice. We are enforcing policy that has been in existence for several years.”

This policy enforcement goes into effect today, so make sure all guest passes from here on out are gotten in advance. And as a former RA, I recommend being patient with the entire Res Life staff–it’s not their fault the rules have changed.

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