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Fashion Week is Upon Us…

Ashley Tedesco, blog editor

Image courtesy of thehairazor.com

So Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow (Tomorrow? It starts on a Thursday?), and it’s been moved from its usual location, Bryant Park, to our neighbors at Lincoln Center. Which means not only will there be underfed models and probably some celebrities prancing about nearby, but traffic is about to become a nightmare. Or, as Fordham put it, “major grid-lock.” Both 60th and 62nd Streets between Amsterdam and Columbus will be SHUT DOWN through the 16th. Hope you weren’t planning on moving any extra goodies into or out of McMahon this weekend. Rest assured, however, Fordham knows about it and is down with it. Their email blast reads:

Fordham’s Safety and Security Department is working with IMG Production staff to ensure Fordham is not negatively impacted by street closings. Local garages and on street parking will be full. We respectfully suggest our students, staff and faculty give themselves extra time while traveling in the Lincoln Center neighborhood and use public transportation, rather that driving  to Lincoln Center. Our Inter-campus transportation between Rose Hill and Lincoln Center will not be effected [sic]; but, may take some extra time.

Good luck surviving the grid-lock, and when you’re done being frustrated by the extra commuting time, check out the exciting high fashion events happening (literally) right outside our windows!

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