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Fordham Professor Releases Novel

Sadia Noor

Photo courtesy of Christina Baker Kline.

When I heard about Professor Christina Baker-Kline’s new novel Bird in Hand, I had a bizarre moment of severe confusion. A professor that writes good books – what? It seems that I’m still stuck on that middle school notion that, after school ends, all teachers are stuffed in a closet somewhere and put in hibernation mode until the next day.

At any rate, Christina Baker Kline’s decision to do more than grade papers or think up miscellaneous ways to make students suffer is an insight into a brilliant mind that keeps working well after school hours. Bird in Hand is one of those novels that has people talking, for better or for worse.

The premise is deceptively simple: four people, two marriages, one lifelong friendship are heavily affected by a fatal car crash. What the book does well is explore the avalanche of small but devastating changes sparked by the accident that eventually cracks the bond between the four people. In essence, the moral of the story is this: “life hinges on small moments and seemingly trivial decisions”. So don’t mess up. Or at the very least, think hard, because this is the only life you will get (unless reincarnation is your thing).

The novel has gotten some very good reviews from Barnes & Noble, The Boston Globe and Newsday, among a myriad of other places. I’ve only just picked up my copy of the book, so I can’t judge. But from what I’ve read, Bird in Hand sounds very, very promising. And I’m not just saying that because Ms. Baker Kline is a Fordham professor either.

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